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The NCCA Accredited Personal Trainer certification you receive will ensure you have the industry recognition necessary to succeed! 


The NCSF and NASM Certifications are the preferred credentials for professionals around the world!


Over 1,000 exam centers operating in 83 countries provides you with the industry’s largest exam network!

Becoming A Certified Personal Trainer

Would I Be A Good Personal Trainer?

Do you Love the Gym?  Enjoy helping others?  Would you like to set Your own hours?  Does making $20-$75 hr sound good?    Our comprehensive programs and dedicated team will give you all the tools you need to become a Certified Personal Trainer.                                                         (281) 715-7776

Why We Are The Top Personal Trainer Certification Course!

Our Personal Training Certification Program has been supplying gyms  with some of the top trainers in the industry for over 12 years! Our instructors have over 40 years of experience and can’t wait to help teach you all the secrets they have learned in their careers.                         (281) 715-7776

Our Fitness Certification Includes...

Our 4-8 week Personal Training Course will include your Nationally Accredited Personal Training Certification through either NCSF or NASM as well as a Sports Nutrition Certification. We also include your CPR/AED Certification as well and job placement assistance. PTA  is Your one stop shop to start Your new Career !      (281) 715-7776

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Our Students Love Us

“The instruction is awesome . If you wanna become highly educated in fitness  then The Personal Trainer Academy is where you need to be! Don’t waste your time online! Hands on training at PTA is the best rout to get your Personal Training Certification.”

Jerod McCloud

PTA Personal Trainer

“Attending PTA Personal Training School was Amazing. The education and guidance I received from Mark was the best! I have now been able to help others on their own health and fitness journeys.   glad I chose to go hands on over an online cert”. 

Roger Moreno

PTA Personal Trainer

It’s a great program.  Jason is personable and gives real life examples of workouts in the gym! He provides  useful information you should know as a personal trainer. Really happy I made the investment in myself and with PTA Personal Trainer Academy


PTA Personal Trainer